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WITCH KIT: DIY Devices to assist young teen witches, 2017, Textiles, yarn, fake gemstones, found objects, and acrylic. 


1. BYOB Broom Escape Plan

Recalling the ability of teen witches and wizards screen wide to escape their own realities through the use of a broom or vacuum cleaner, BYOB Broom Escape Plan conjures from the essence of famous broom travellers a new way of escaping one's insecurities and inner demons.

2. I Asked the Cosmos for Advice and it Told me to Concentrate and Ask Again

Need advice on a crush, or got an assignment you’re uncertain of? Harnessing the latent advisory powers within pseudo-magical devices like magic 8 balls, japanese fish, fortune cookies and many more, The I Asked the Cosmos for Advice and it Told me to Concentrate and Ask Again jumper is here to help you resolve your uncertainties with flair.


3. I’ll B There 4 U

Manifesting the power and wisdom of sister spirit witches across literature and popular culture, the I’ll B There 4 U witch dress envelops and protects whilst imbuing the wearer with a magnified magical aura to combat against outside forces.


Witch Kit draws on the powers of object magic and simulacra to create utlitarian objects of pop-spiritual significance. Object magic, totems, talismans and magical devices appear across continents, through time and dimensions. They are some of the earliest forms of spiritual protections and ritual magics. Drawing upon the latent power within image renderings of teen witches and magical devices, the items in this collection form a prototype for ways pop-cultural magic can have a real and generative impact over the world and our own psyches. Recalling folk tales and practices of stitching objects into the linings of clothes, as a protective act against ill will and dangerous spirits, the items in Witch Kit harness the construct of the teen witch as she has come to be represented through popular culture. Rendered in object form and totemic in their power, these objects became a protective shield, keeping both external forces at bay whilst also protecting the user from their own  inner demons. 

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